Sell Your Gold Now!

Recently there has been a surge of “gold buyers” and “cash for gold” businesses that have popped up all over Los Angeles, Pasadena, Glendale and beyond. Most appeared as soon as gold prices began to rise in 2007 and were created with the singular aim of making a quick profit from individuals looking to take advantage of the record high gold prices.

At Darbini, gold and estate jewelry buying is only one part of our business.

We’re a family owned and operated jewelry store that designs and manufactures jewelry in-house. As members of the Pasadena community for over a decade, we strive to give our neighbors the highest degree of service and the best experience possible in the hopes of winning your families trust for generations to come.

That’s why at Darbini Jewelry we offer more for your gold and diamonds. We invite you to stop by our store in THE PASEO and find out why thousands have chosen Darbini Jewelry as their one stop jewelry shop.

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Current Payouts for Gold and Precious Metals

Metal/Purity Grams DWT Troy Oz
10k 19.2919.29 30.0030.00 600.05600.05
14k 26.9726.97 41.9541.95 838.91838.91
16k 30.8630.86 47.9947.99 959.78959.78
18k 34.7034.70 53.9653.96 1,079.221,079.22
21k 40.4840.48 62.9562.95 1,259.091,259.09
22k 42.1042.10 65.4765.47 1,309.451,309.45
24k 46.2246.22 71.8871.88 1,437.521,437.52
Platinum .900 20.3820.38 31.6931.69 633.75633.75
Platinum .950 21.5121.51 33.4533.45 668.96668.96
Platinum .999 22.6222.62 35.1735.17 703.46703.46
Silver .925 0.520.52 0.810.81 16.2216.22